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The database system assigns a backup ID <IBID> to each backup. This provides a unique identification for all backups since the database was created or since it was last initialized.

<IBID> ::= <key><backup_type>_<sequence_no>


Key assigned by the system


Backup type:

  • DAT (complete data backup)

  • PAG (incremental data backup)

  • LOG (log backup)


Sequence number

The database system numbers the data backups sequentially, regardless of whether they are complete or incremental. The database system numbers log backups separately.

If you are using third-party backup tools, the system assigns an external backup ID ( EBID or External Backup ID).

After the backup is completed, the system writes the backup ID to the dbm.knl log file. The backup history contains information from this file. When you restore a database, you can display the backup history and select the required backup using its backup ID.

The Loader writes the external backup ID to the Loader log file and to the Loader-related system tables.


If you use a tape as data carrier, write the backup ID on the tape label.