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Using the Save Bookmark command (SAVE_BOOKMARK), you can create a bookmark for a Web application. When you save the bookmark, the bookmark ID is displayed in a message. You can use the bookmark to call the Web application again at a later stage. See Load Bookmark .

Command Parameters

The following information lists the command parameters in the same sequence that they appear in the command wizard when you insert the command:

Parameter Description

Add to Browser Favorites (ADD_BOOKMARK_TO_FAVORITES) 

You use this parameter to specify whether the bookmark is to be added to the Web browser favorites or whether the bookmark ID is simply to be displayed as a message in the Web application.

This parameter is activated by default.


If the parameter above is activated, this parameter is proposed as the title when users save the bookmark to their favorites.

Users can accept or overwrite the proposal.


If you have saved a bookmark for a Web application and subsequently change either the underlying Web template or the query used as a data provider, the changes will not be visible in the bookmark. If you need to make changes to an existing Web application for which there are bookmarks and that you use in production operation, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a copy of the underlying Web template and the query used.
  2. Make the required changes to the copy of the Web template.
  3. Provide the users with the changed Web application.