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The Call Properties Dialog command (OPEN_DIALOG_PROPERTIES_PANE) allows you to call the properties dialog to change the following elements at runtime in a Web application:

  • Web item parameters
  • Properties of data providers
  • Conditions
  • Exceptions
  • Characteristic properties
  • Axis
  • Data cells
  • Structure elements
Command Parameters

The following information lists the command parameters in the same sequence that they appear in the command wizard when you insert the command:

Parameter Description

Properties Set Definition (PROPERTIES_SET)

You use this parameter to specify the properties that can be displayed and changed in the Web application. For a list of the available options, see Properties Pane .

Properties Group Display:


You use this parameter to define how the properties are displayed in the Web application. The following options are available:

Tab Pages (TABS)

Headline (HEADLINE)

Properties Source (PROPERTIES_SOURCE)

You use this parameter to specify for which element the properties dialog is to be called:

Web Item Parameters(ITEM_PROPERTIES)




Axis Properties


Characteristic Properties - Input Help


Characteristic Properties - Filter Values


Data Cell Properties(DATA_CELL_PROPERTIES)

Structure Element Properties(STRUCTURE_MEMBER_PROPERTIES)

Properties of All Data Cells

(ALL_DATA_CELL_PROPERTIES) Depending on the properties source you choose, there are a number of additional parameters that you need to set.. More information: Properties Pane .