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Dynamic Parameterization of Commands and Web ItemsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can dynamically parameterize a command at runtime by using the values from a Web parameter or the states of data providers or the page. You can also parameterize a Web item dynamically using the SET_ITEM_PARAMETERS command. You can use web template parameter ACTION_BEFORE_FIRST_RENDERING to do this.

You can use the path query to read the values of a parameter. You can use the values to set a filter value dynamically, to replace the description (CAPTION) of a Web item with the description of the query, or to deactivate a pushbutton, for example.

In addition to the fixed parameter values in the Command Wizard and in the Web Application Designer, you can also query all parameter values dynamically. The following elements are available for dynamic queries:
  • current Web item statuses and all parameters published in the Web Application Designer
  • navigational states of the data providers
  • data provider result sets
  • current state of Web application page
These elements are represented internally in XML. Using the path query, you can access the internal XML to enable you to determine and replace values.

The path query for dynamic parameterization is based on the syntax for XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0.

The following three steps outline the procedure for using path replacement:

For a complete example of how to use path replacement, see Using Path Replacement in Commands .