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Using the Call Open Dialog command (LOAD), you can call the open dialog from a Web application.

The command replaces the relevant data provider with the data provider the user selected in the Open dialog. A data provider can be a query, query view or InfoProvider.

The Open dialog can also display data providers in external systems. An external system is displayed in the Open dialog if the BW Directory Provider property is selected for the system object of the external system in the system landscape.

More information: Working with Data Providers

Command Parameters

The following information lists the command parameters in the same sequence that they appear in the Command Wizard when you insert the command:



Data Provided Affected (TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_REF)

You use this parameter to specify which data provider you want the command to relate to.

Display Single Filter Entry (DISPLAY_SINGLE_FILTER_ENTRY)

You use this parameter to specify whether to still display the dropdown box in the open dialog as a dropdown box if it only contains one entry.

Layout of the Open-Save Dialog


You use this parameter to specify the layout of the open/save dialog. You have the following options:

Display All Options (FULL) Display Only Template Persistency Options (TEMPLATE_PERSISTENCY)

Display Only Data Provider Persistency Options (DATAPROVIDER_PERSISTENCY)