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Before using SNC you have to configure the TREX configuration filesapprofile.ini for SNC.


  1. Open the configuration filesapprofile.ini in a text editor.

    You will find the configuration file in the following directory of your TREX installation:

    • On UNIX/usr/sap/<sapsid>/ trx<instance_number>/<trex_hostname>
    • On Windows<disk_drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\TRX<instance_number>\<trex_hostname>
  2. Set the entrysnc/enable/as to the value used in sectionConfiguring SNC on TREX Side → Generating the Key Store SAPSNCS.pse


  3. Switch SNC on by setting the entrysnc/enable=1.
  4. Leave unchanged the entrysnc/data_protection/use.