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Web templates with the SAP BW 3.x format can be converted and migrated using the migration tool of the Web Application Designer from SAP NetWeaver 7.2. See also Web Templates.

SAP BW 3.x Web templates into which JavaScript has been inserted cannot be migrated automatically. To migrate a Web template that contains JavaScript, such that the migrated Web template retains the same features as the original Web template, you are required to make some manual adjustments.

General Practices with Migration

Any JavaScript parts of a Web template with the SAP BW 3.x format that cannot be migrated are copied to the source code of the migrated template, where they can then be commented out. Alternatively, you can also link JavaScript code to the migrated Web template using the ScriptWeb item from the Web Application Designer from SAP NetWeaver 7.2. The manual work required is generally minimal, since you can generate most commands using the command wizard from SAP NetWeaver 7.2 or you can use the Script Web item.


We recommend that you only use JavaScript if you cannot achieve the result you require for your Web templates by using the functions provided by SAP NetWeaver 7.2 (command wizard, Script Web item).

More Information:


  • For more information about how to proceed when migrating Web templates, see Migrating Web Templates .
  • Additional information is also available in SAP Note 832713 (note for migration of Web templates) and SAP Note 832712 (note for migration of library Web items).
  • For more information about using JavaScript in Web applications, see JavaScript .