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To provide Secure Network Communications (SNC) between TREX and the ABAP based application using TREX or to use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with the SAP Web Application Server, you use the SAP Cryptographic Library (seeDownloading the SAP Cryptographic Library). The SAP Cryptographic Library is the default security product delivered by SAP for performing encryption functions in SAP Systems.


When using the SAP Cryptographic Library for SNC, the following information is necessary for the communication infrastructure:

  • The application server (AS ABAP) and its communication partners must be configured for using SNC.
  • The application server and TREX must possess a public and private key pair and public-key certificate, which is stored in the Personal Security Environment (PSE). Although you may obtain a certificate from a trusted Certification Authority (CA).

    For easier administration we recommend using a certificate that is signed by the server itself (self-signed).

  • At run-time, the application server and TREX must have active credentials. This is accomplished by using the configuration tool SAPGENPSE (seeUsage of Keystores → Initializing Key Stores/Create Active Credentials).
  • The application server and TREX must be able to verify the identity of their communication partners. This is accomplished by importing the partner's certificate into the certificate list of the application server and into the TREX key store.

Process Flow

You configure the secure communication between the ABAP application which communicates with the TREX servers by TREX ABAP client for SNC by the following configuration steps:


You have configured Secure Network Communications (SNC) between TREX and the ABAP-based application using TREX.