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The configuration in the Integration Directory directly affects the message exchange of the integrated applications. For this reason it is essential that you test the configuration separately from the production system. To do this you normally create a transport landscape that consists of a development system, a consolidation system (for testing), and a production system. In this way you can consolidate and test the configuration in a separate system and finally transport it to the production system.

More information: Integration Directory Transports


You have already created a system landscape that meets your requirements and consists of development, consolidation and production systems.

  1. On the basis of your system landscape consider a transport landscape with which you set out between which systems configuration objects are to be transported.
  2. You transport configuration objects by selecting one of the following options:
    • Transporting Configuration Objects using the file system For a file system-based transport you perform the transport by exporting the configuration objects from the initial system as a file and you then import this file into the target system.
    • Transporting Configuration Objects using the CMS For a transport using the Change Management Service you define your transport landscape using XI Tracks and you control the transport process using a Transport Studio.
    • Transporting Objects by Using CTS

      You must configure source and target systems to automate the transfer of objects from SAP NetWeaver PI to CTS in source system export and to be able to control the import of objects into target systems using CTS.

      For more information on CTS, see the documentation of Application Server ABAP.


      When you intend to transport communication channels, read the following section: Transport of Communication Channels .

  3. In the Integration Builder you can track which contents were imported or exported by which mechanism.

    More information: Searching for Transports (Integration Builder)