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Using the Set Data Cell Properties command (SET_DATA_CELL_PROPERITES), you can specify properties for a data cell.

Command Parameters

The following information lists the command parameters in the same sequence that they appear in the command wizard when you insert the command:

Parameter Description


You enter a list of all data providers on which the command is based.

You specify the individual data providers in the Data Provided Affected parameter (TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_REF).

Data Cell (DATA_CELL)

A data cell is determined by the combination of the structure elements. If you use two structures, you must specify the structure and structure element for each structure:

  • Characteristic (CHARACTERISTIC)

    You use the input help dialog to select the structure for which you want to set the data cell properties.

  • Member Name (MEMBER_NAME) 

    You specify the structure element for which you want to set the data cell properties.

    If you do not enter a structure element or if you enter an asterisk (*), the command is applied to all data cells for the specified structure. This allows you, for example, to highlight all data cells for a structure, or to change the scaling factor or number or decimal places for all data cells.

Decimal Places (DECIMAL_PLACES)

You use this parameter to specify the number of decimal places displayed.

Numbers can have any number of decimal places from zero up to nine decimal places (0, 0.0, 0.00... to 0.000000000).

Scaling Factor (SCALING_FACTOR)

You use this parameter to specify the scaling factor.

You can specify a scaling factor between one and one billion. If, for example, you set 1000, the value 3000 is displayed as 3 in the report.

Emphasized (EMPHASIZED)

You use this parameter to specify whether the data cell is to be emphasized.