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You manage and monitor SAP NetWeaver BW with the following tools:



Data Warehousing Workbench

The Data Warehousing Workbench is the central tool for maintaining objects and processes in the BW data flow.

The main management tasks for BW are listed under Administration in the Data Warehousing Workbench.

BW Monitor in CCMS

Together with the BW monitor, the CCMS monitor sets in the alert monitor contain a selection of BW-relevant standard SAP contexts and the BW-specific contexts for process chains and RSRV checks.

The main scheduling tool for BW processes - process chains - is therefore integrated into the CCMS.

BW Administration Cockpit

The BW Administration Cockpit provides an overview of the most important information on the status of BW objects and processes. Examples of these are the status of the data transfer into BW, and information about the runtime for the processes for transferring data and executing queries.