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The Web Design API for Tables (Table Interface) is no longer supported in SAP NetWeaver 7.2, since the new Web items have taken over the main functions of the Web Design API for Tables.

In SAP NetWeaver 7.2, BEx Web interfaces permit you to implement highly individualized Web application scenarios. The interface for changing the standard behavior and the representation of the Web item analysis provide you with comparable options to the Web Design API for tables from SAP BW 3.x. With the new interface, you can make specific changes to the display and behavior without any need for programming.

More information: BEx Web Interfaces

ABAP code created using the Web Design API for Tables can still be run from the runtime from SAP BW 3.x.

General Practices with Migration

There is no migration for ABAP code.

For more information, see the FAQs for SAP NetWeaver BW at