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You need the BEx Web to display your BW application in a Web browser, or to use BW Integrated Planning, information broadcasting, or the PDF-based printing function. The BEx Web from SAP NetWeaver 7.2 is based on the technology of the SAP NetWeaver Portal and the J2EE Engine for the SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

The BEx Web setup requires various usage types to be installed. Usage types are the technical components of the SAP software. Usage types determine which system components are required and the roles of these system components in specific scenarios.

For the BEx Web, you require the usage types Business Intelligence (BI) and Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP). These usage types correspond to the implementation of the back end functions of the BW capability in SAP NetWeaver 7.2.

You also require the following usage types for setting up the BEx Web:

  • BI Java Component (BI Java)
  • Application Server Java (AS Java)
  • Enterprise Portal (EP)

The usage type Enterprise Portal (EP) corresponds to SAP NetWeaver Portal. However, you do not need a fully installed portal for the BW capability in SAP NetWeaver 7.2; you basically need the runtime environment of the portal only. This is sufficient to display Web pages (URLs) created in BW.

The usage type BI Java Component (BI Java)contains the Web runtime environment for SAP NetWeaver 7.2 and thus the functions for enterprise reporting, printing on the Web, PDF export, and so on. This usage type requires the installation of the usage type Application Server Java (AS Java). For more information about possible system configurations, see the Installation and Upgrade Guides in SAP Service Marketplace at

General Practices with Migration

For information about setting up the BEx Web, see SAP Note 917950.