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In the new data flow, the Info Package only loads into the BW entry layer (the PSA). Data transfer processes (Dips) are responsible for data distribution in BW. You create Dips to transfer data between two persistent objects.

This has resulted in the following changes:

  • New Extraction tab page

    The Extraction tab page contains the settings for adapters and data format defined for the Data Source. For data transfer from files, the External Data tab page is obsolete; the settings are made in Data Source maintenance.

  • Processing tab page

    Information on how the data is updated is obsolete because further processing of the data is always controlled by data transfer processes.

  • Updating tab page

    On the Updatetab page, you can specify the To the PSA update mode depending on the settings in the Data Source. In the data transfer process, you specify how the data is updated from the PSA to other targets. In the data transfer process, you can separate the delta transfer for various targets.

    Handling of erroneous data records is now specified in the data transfer process for each target.

More information:Scheduler andData Transfer Process

General Practices with Migration

When you switch to the new data flow and migrate the 3.x Data Source, existing Info Packages for this 3.x Data Source are copied to the migrated Data Source with the previously loaded requests. XML and DU Connect 3.x Data Sources are exceptions to this. Since the switch involves a copy, new Info Packages have to be created for these Data Sources.

After migration, only the information about how data is loaded into the PSA is used in the Info Packages. Data processing options are no longer available. Settings that used to be made in the Info Package, such as the error handling and the update mode, are now made in the data transfer process. If you migrate the 3.x Data Source manually, you need to create a new data transfer process and ensure that the settings are copied for each InfoProvider that you want to transfer data to. In the automatic data flow migration, the data transfer processes are created by the system in a migration step. More information:Emulation, Migration, and Restoring Data Sources andMigrating Data Flows.