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Using query runtime statistics, you can determine how much time the execution of certain user actions take in the front end and in the analytic engine. The system records performance-intensive processing steps (known as statistics events). It calculates the net times by calculating the runtime of an event using the difference between the start and end times (minus the times for other events called from within the event).

The statistics data is stored in various tables. They are combined with the InfoProviders for the technical content.

General Practices with Migration

Due to the changes in the OLAP and front-end architecture, statistics data collected previously cannot always be compared with new data.

Since the structure of the new tables differs greatly from that of the RSDDSTAT table, no data can provided for InfoProviders based on previous data (table RSDDSTAT).

The Collect Statistics setting for InfoProviders is obsolete. For each of the individual objects (query, workbook, Web template), you now have to specify whether - and at which level - to record the statistics data. In transaction RSDDSTAT, you can activate and deactivate the statistics for all queries for an InfoProvider. As before, you can navigate to the maintenance transactions for the settings from the Data Warehousing Workbench by choosing Tools → BW Statistics Settings.