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Terminology and Type

ODS objects have been renamed DataStore objects. You can continue using existing DataStore objects. However, you might want to consider whether the new type of write-optimized DataStore object could better meet your needs. Data from write-optimized DataStore objects is immediately available for further processing or reporting without the need for activation.

More information:Write-Optimized DataStore Objects

Runtime Parameters

You can now specify the runtime parameters of DataStore objects for each object. Previously maintained data is no longer used and must be transferred from the RSCUSTA2 maintenance view to the new configuration interface.

You navigate to runtime parameter maintenance either in Customizing by choosing SAP Customizing Implementation Guide → SAP NetWeaverSAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse → Performance Settings → Maintain Runtime Parameters ofDataStore Objects or in the Administration area of the Data Warehousing Workbench by choosing Current Settings → DataStore Objects.

InfoProvider-Specific Properties

In the definition of a DataStore object, you can use the context menu to assign InfoObjects InfoProvider-specific properties that are only valid in the DataStore object that is currently being edited. In SAP BW 3.x, the Only Values in InfoProvider setting in the Filter Selection During Query Execution field was only taken into consideration for InfoCubes. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0, this setting is also taken into consideration for DataStore objects in the query execution. This can have a negative impact on performance.

If you encounter runtime problems while calling an input help in BEx queries that are based on a DataStore object, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  • In the DataStore object maintenance, you can create an additional index on this characteristic in the DataStore object.
  • In the DataStore object maintenance, you can change the setting for Filter Selection During Query Execution at the InfoObject. To do this, in the DataStore object maintenance choose Provider-Specific Properties in the context menu of the respective InfoObject.
  • In the InfoObject maintenance, you can change the setting for Filter Selection During Query Execution. To do this, got to the Business Explorer tab page in InfoObject maintenance.