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 Displaying Information from the Repository


You can display the data in a local or a central System Component Repository (SCR) using the repository browser.

For example, you can display the Customizing settings in a central repository for clients in the systems whose repositories are registered. Or you can check which application servers of which systems are installed on a particular host.


  1. Choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21. Choose Technical Infrastructure → System Repository → Display.
  2. The system displays the System Components: Object Viewer screen. This is the object browser.

Object Browser

The left part of the screen shows the object hierarchy in the repository. Objects are components such as systems, support packages, RFC destinations, hosts, application servers, and so on. The repository maps your system as objects that represent these components, and as associations that link these objects. On the left side of the screen, you can follow the associations in the structure hierarchies of your systems upwards or downwards.

To display the properties of an object, chose the object by double clicking it. The browser then displays all available information for the object, such as status data for a support package or the settings for a client.

Choose Extras → Display Options to customize the object browser display. You can, for example, only display the folders that contain objects, and save your display settings as personal variants.

Class Browser

Choose Goto → Class Browser to display the class repository of the SCR. The class repository contains the Common Information Model data model that is the basis of the SCR.