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 Data Binding Type STATIC_OPTION_LISTLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you select Fixed List of Options (STATIC_OPTION_LIST) for Data Binding Type in the dropdown box Web item, you must set the following parameters:

Parameter Description

Fixed List of Options (STATIC_OPTION)



You use this parameter to set the entries for the list of fixed options. You need to set the following parameters for each entry in the list:

Description of Selection (SELECTION_TEXT)

Using the text input dialog, you specify the text that is to be displayed for the entry in the dropdown box. See Text Input Dialog

Action (Command Triggered) (ACTION)

  • Command via Command Wizard (INSTRUCTION)

    Using the command wizard, which you can call by choosing the pushbutton for Command, you specify whether and with which command from the Web Design API the entry in the dropdown box is to be linked (see Commands ).

  • Script Function (SCRIPT_FUNCTION)

    In the Script Function field, you specify a script function to be executed.

    You generate the script function using the Script Web item that you previously added and set in the Web template.