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Web item that allows you to integrate JavaScript in Web templates.


The following information lists the parameters for the Script Web item, arranged according to the various parameter groupings.

Internal Display

Parameter Description


You use this parameter to specify the script language.


Script (SCRIPT)

You use this parameter to create a script function to integrate it into the Web template.

The input help for this parameter opens the Script Editing dialog box. By choosing Create with Wizard, you navigate to the command wizard with which you can embed JavaScript commands. The JavaScript API for executing commands is used to do this.

The command wizard generates a JavaScript function with a generic name. You can replace this generic name, which has the format "executeJS_<COMMAND>_<...>", with another name.

Once complete, the JavaScript function can be called in the Web template as follows:

<a href="javascript: executeJS_<COMMAND>_<...> ();" >[click me]</a>

Due to the XHTML format, you cannot directly write JavaScript in the Web template. For this reason, the actual script is stored as a reference. The script can only be changed using the editing dialog.

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