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Using the Set Data Provider Parameterscommand (SET_DATA_PROVIDER_PARAMETERS), you can initialize a data provider.

Command Parameters

The following information lists the command parameters in the same sequence that they appear in the Command Wizard when you insert the command:

Parameter Description

Data Provided Affected (TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_REF)

You use this parameter to specify which data provider the command is to relate to.

System (SYSTEM)

You use this parameter to specify the system from which the query, query view, or InfoProvider is to originate. To do this, you specify the corresponding system alias from the portal system landscape directory. If you do not specify a value, the object is taken from the current system.

Initial State (INITIAL_STATE)

You use this parameter to specify the object with which the data provider is to be initialized.

  • Query (QUERY)
  • InfoProvider (INFOPROVIDER)
  • Query View (VIEW)
  • Properties List (NAMED_PROPERTY_LIST)

    If you choose this option, you can enter a list of parameters. You must enter the technical name and value for each parameter. You can therefore connect external data sources by using name-value parameters to specify the schema or InfoCube. More information: BI Java SDK .

Depending on the value you select for the Initial Stateparameter, you need to set the following additional parameters:

Parameter Value: Query (QUERY)

Parameter Description

Query (QUERY)

You select the relevant query using the open dialog.

Parameter Value: InfoProvider (INFOPROVIDER)

Parameter Description


You select the relevant InfoProvider using the open dialog.

Parameter Value: Query View (VIEW)

Parameter Description

Query View (VIEW)

You select the relevant query view using the open dialog.

Application Context

This command is particularly useful if you want to change the data provider at the runtime of a Web application. This allows you, for example, to display a new query or load a previously saved navigational state for a data provider (query view): This option is used when working with BEx Web Analyzer . The command is used intrinsically (and not visibly) in the New Analysispushbutton.