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 Displaying the History of the Threshold Values of Performance NodesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can activate a history of the threshold values in the Alert Monitor. Doing this means that a log is available to you for each performance node. This log provides you with the following information:

  • Date and time of a threshold value change
  • User who made the change
  • New threshold values of the node (green to yellow, yellow to red, red to yellow, and yellow to green)
  • Triggering direction of alerts (when the threshold values are exceed, or when reported values fall below the threshold values)
  • Comparison value, that is, how is value of the attribute calculated from the reported values

    For information about threshold values and comparison values, see Properties of Performance Attributes.

You can use the threshold value history to check when changes were made to threshold values, and by whom; if an alert occurs, you can also use it to determine what the threshold values were set to at the time of the alert.

The history of the threshold values is a property that is assigned directly to the performance attribute itself, that is, it is not assigned to the MTE class or the attribute group.

All effective threshold value changes for the relevant node are logged. The log therefore also includes the following changes:


By default, the threshold values history is inactive. To activate it, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert-Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.
  2. Choose Technical Infrastructure → Performance Threshold Values History.
  3. In the Number of Sets to Be Stored, enter the desired number of threshold value changes that you want to log for each performance node. The newest threshold value changes are always stored for each node.

    You can store a maximum of 20 threshold value changes for each node.


You can view the history of the threshold value changes in the Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20):

  1. Choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20, and start any monitor.
  2. Select the desired performance node and choose Properties.
  3. Switch to the Additional Info. tab page. The threshold value changes are displayed in the group box History of Performance Attribute Properties.