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Data providers provide the data for your Web applications. Data providers are suppliers of data and can be initialized using queries, query views, or InfoProviders. Data providers in the Web Application Designer are queries or query views.

  • Think about which queries you need to create your Web application.
  • Create the queries as needed. See Creating Queries below.
  • Check whether you can reduce the number of required queries by using query views for queries that already exist. See Creating Query Views below.
Process Flow

Creating Queries

The Query Designer is available for creating queries (see Defining New Queries ). When creating queries, be aware of any need for user-dependent display of data. User-dependent display can be realized using variables .

You can preview the results of your query definition by executing the query in the Web. The query is displayed in the Web Analyzer . In the Web Analyzer, you can also test the effect of basic settings for the Web items (such as the Analysis Web item or the Chart Web item) on the display.

Creating Query Views

To create query views, you execute an existing query or a query view in the Web Analyzer and navigate to the required view. Setting standard chart settings allows you to create a query view that appears as you wish it to appear. You save the query view using the context menu in the Web Analyzer.


You can now use the queries created using the Query Designer and the query views created with the Web Analyzer in the Web Application Designer as data providers.

More information: Working with Data Providers