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Once you clarify and implement the specifications for calling the Web application, data binding, data display and interaction in the Web application, your Web application is functionally complete.

However, keep in mind that you might want to display status information for the user in the Web application (such as the name of the query being executed, how up-to-date the data is, filter values that have been set), and design the layout of the Web application.

Also keep in mind that at runtime, Web applications are executed with the portal theme that is valid for the user. Adjust the portal theme therefore as required. For more information, see Formatting of Web Applications .

Process Flow

Displaying Additional Information

You can use the Info Field and Text Web items to display additional information. Drag the required Web item to your Web template using drag and drop.

Design of the Layout

You can use the following Web items to design the layout: Tab Pages , Group , Container and Container Layout .

  • Drag the required Web item to your Web template using drag and drop. These Web items are slightly different from others because they can contain other Web items.
  • Drag the Web item that you want to use in one of the above Web items into one of these Web items using drag and drop.

We recommend you to mainly use predefined Web items for the layout design as they are provided in the Web Application Designer. This allows you to reduce the use of your own HTML.