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In the Landscape: Services window, various functions for updating the display and rebooting are available in the Action menu.


The following functions for updating the display are available:

Function Description


When you choose Refresh, the display is refreshed once.

Auto Refresh

If this function is activated, the display is automatically refreshed at regular intervals (see Auto Refresh Interval).

Auto Refresh Interval

You can define the interval in which the display is automatically refreshed.

The following functions for rebooting are available:

Function Description

Test Service Availability After Reboot/Restart

Displays the date of the last restart or reboot and provides information about whether all services were started correctly after that.


Reboots all hosts.

The hosts in the TREX system landscape are shut down and restarted.

Reboot & Delete all Trace Files

Reboots all hosts and deletes all trace files.

Reboot & Delete all Indexes + Queues + Trace Files


Reboots all hosts and deletes all indexes, queues, and trace files.


To perform a reboot, the user on which TREX runs requires reboot permission for the operating system. For more information, see SAP Note 888151.

For information about starting services, seeStarting and Stopping the TREX Servers.