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Interactions within the Web application can, on the one hand, change the data displayed (for example when setting filter values or changing the drilldown status). However, they can also generally affect the display of data and the layout of the Web application (for example when the display is changed from table to chart or when areas are hidden or displayed).
The following options are available for interaction within the Web application:
  • Context menu

    You can display and hide the entries in the context menu according to your needs. For more information on the context menu, see Context Menu .

  • Web items for changing the status of data providers and Web items.

    These include, among others, the filter pane , navigation pane , dropdown box , and properties pane Web items. For a list of all available Web items, see Web Items .

  • Command wizard

    The command wizard is available for special interactions within the Web Design API (more information: Commands ). With the command wizard, you can create your own command sequence to connect them with interaction elements.

    In this way, you can connect commands to the button group , link , dropdown Box and menu bar Web items. However, you can also link commands with an HTML link.