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SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP and AS Java enable you to use centralized configuration for the parameters required for interactions between systems. The parameters that you can configure for such interactions include connection parameters, destination type for the communication partner, and security parameters such as authentication credentials.

In AS ABAP and AS Java, you can use the corresponding functions for configuring destinations to configure authentication information, such as communication user IDs, and security credentials, such as passwords.


Using the configuration functions for enabling SSO you can establish uni- or bi-directional trust between systems that commonly interact with each other. This enables you to reduce the administrative load for configuring multiple systems in complex system landscapes.

For more information, see Maintaining Trust Relationships between SAP Systems .

In addition, by using strong authentication mechanisms, you can increase the overall security of your system landscape due to the reduced exposure of security credentials for system-specific communication.


Both the AS ABAP and AS Java technology stacks of SAP NetWeaver enable you to configure authentication, in addition to other communication parameters, for commonly used destinations for system-specific communication. The configuration is specific to the technology stack that you use.

  • For the AS ABAP you configure the authentication options for communication destinations using the configuration transaction for maintaining system destinations. ( SM59 ).
  • For the AS Java, you can configure the authentication options for communication destinations using the destination management functions of the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

Configuring SSO for system destinations is specific to the SAP NetWeaver technology stack that you use. For more information, see the following sections: