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The following information provides an overview of the functions provided in the Tools menu in the Web Application Designer menu bar.


You can choose from the following functions in the Tools menu:

Menu Option Description

Migration Tool

You use this function to convert Web templates from SAP BW 3.x to Web templates from SAP NetWeaver 7.0. More information: Migration Tool.

BEx Query Designer

You use this function to call BEx Query Designer to define queries. More information: Defining New Queries.

BEx Web Analyzer

You use this function to call BEx Web Analyzer to define a new query view (based on a query or on a query view). More information: BEx Web Analyzer.




You use this function to use BW Integrated Planning functions.

Planning Modeler

The planning modeler appears. You can use this to model, manage, and test all the metadata for a planning scenario.

Planning Wizard

The Planning Wizard appears. This supports you when using planning modeling for the first time.

More information: Planning Modeler.



You use this function to make settings for Web Application Designer.

HTML Documentation

Here, you can specify a link to any online or offline HTML documentation that you may need when editing the HTML (such as when inserting HTML tags). In the default setting, there is a link to the documentation from the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) here.

You can find more information about HTML documentation in SAP Note 904001 on SAP Service Marketplace at


In addition to specifying the directory for the metadata, you can update the metadata


Here, you can set the refresh time for the Errors and Warnings screen area and set the trace level that determines the granularity of the recording.