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The CAT tool (Computer Aided Test Tool) defines, executes and evaluates automatic regression tests.


With regard to the processing of automatic regression tests, the application area Reporting, Planning and OLAP Technology is restricted to the functional accuracy and completeness of query results (BEx) as well as of query result sets that are requested and stored by the planning modeler.


You have logged a standard trace in the required application area with the trace tool (seeTrace Tool).



You can use the Wizard to convert standard traces into CATT traces. The wizard gives you step-by-step instructions for completing a CATT trace. You can assign special themes to the test, select targeted individual parameters or variables of the Testable Program Objects as to be checked, and log reference data.

CATT Traces

In the CATT Trace area, the system displays the attributes for a CATT trace. You can use Change to edit the properties of the CATT traces.

The attributes of the CATT traces correspond to those of the standard traces, but are enhanced by CATT-trace-specific attributes. You can check and modify them on the appropriate tab pages:

  • On the Test Themes tab page, you can assign predefined test themes to your CATT trace. These themes describe the CATT trace.
  • On the Check Parameter Selection tab page, for each of the logged Testable Program Objects for your regression test, you can specify which parameters or variables are to be included in the check.
  • On the Reference Data tab page, you can determine that reference data is to be logged.

Test Packages

The Test Packages area allows you to create test packages and to assign a collection of traces to them. In the Trace Type field you can select which trace type can be assigned to this test package. This already influences the selection of the assigned trace.

  • On the Trace Selection tab page you can specify various criteria to restrict the assignment of the traces to the test package.
  • On the Play Modes Selection tab page you can set with which play modes the traces for the current test package are played.
  • On the Trace List tab page, the system displays all traces that correspond to the Trace Type and the criteria of the first tab, and that are assigned to the test package according to this tab.

Test Jobs

You create automatically executed jobs in the Test Jobs area. You can schedule each job for default job execution in SAP systems. Each test job has exactly one test package and with it a row of traces assigned to it, which are executed in the current test job. In the Trace Type field, select which types of test packages and thereby which types of traces are assigned to the current job.

  • On the Parameter tab page, you can assign a test package to the test job. Specify the process mode (play or check), the type of execution (sequential or parallel execution)  and the type of logging.
  • On the Time Setting tab page, you can set when and how often the test job is executed.