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Each trace is uniquely determined by two system-generated keys:

Generated key of a trace

Key Description

Trace GUID

32-digit code that cannot be changed during the lifetime of the trace

Trace (ID)

Key with a name, also generated by the system according to a certain naming convention, but can, however, be changed by the user

To be able to find a trace and, if necessary, edit, play, or delete it, you must first determine which key the system generated.

You either use the overview of all trace loggings in the Trace Collection area, or the selection of individual traces in the Trace area.

To make it easier to find the trace again, you can change the system-generated trace (ID).


You have logged the required trace (seeLogging User Actions).


To determine the trace ID of a current trace logging, proceed as follows:

  1. In the navigation window, from the Trace Tool functional area, choose the Trace Collection area. In the initial status, the system fills the trace user field with the current user name for the restriction.
  2. Add the Standard Trace trace type as the restriction criteria for the displayed trace from the trace list.

    Each newly logged trace is of type Standard Trace. For more information, seeMaintaining Trace Properties.

  3. The system displays a list of the existing traces. The list is sorted in descending order, according to date. Accordingly, the first entry in the list is a link to the current trace.
  4. To display all the properties of the logged trace, change to the display of the trace properties in one of the ways described in the following:
    1. In the trace list, double-click on the required entry.
    2. In the trace list, select the required entry and choose Display.
    3. Goto the Trace area and restrict the selection to the required trace.