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The data supplier RSDSUSER allocates memory for the new performance attribute in which the number of users logged on is reported. It then determines the number of users on its own instance and reports this to the monitoring architecture.

*&--------------------------------------------------------------------**& Report  RSDSUSER                                                   **&                                                                    **&--------------------------------------------------------------------**&                                                                    **&                                                                    **&--------------------------------------------------------------------*REPORT   RSDSUSER.* important INCLUDES of CCMS Monitoring InfrastructureINCLUDE RSALEXTI.INCLUDE RSALOLDI.INCLUDE RSALSMI.INCLUDE RSALSMFI.*--  global variables of program --*DATA: MOTID  LIKE ALGLOBTID,      SELF_MONI_TID LIKE ALGLOBTID,      NUSR_TID LIKE ALGLOBTID,      AN_ERROR_OCCURED(1) VALUE SPACE,      NUMBER_OF_USERS TYPE I.*--  Start of the main program --*START-OF-SELECTION.* get tid for for self-monitoring message log   perform create_datasupplier_log_node       changing self_moni_tid.* self moni    send rt 39 ("gestartet")   perform send_selfmon_msc_message       using  self_moni_tid     039  sy-repid  space  sy-repid.* Create Monitor attribute for NUmberOfUsers  PERFORM CREATE_MA_NBRUSER.* Get number uf users  PERFORM GET_NBRUSER.* Report number of users  PERFORM REPORT_NBRUSER.* send ok status for self-monitoring single message, if no error occure  if an_error_occured is initial.* self moni    Send RT 101 ("OK")    PERFORM SEND_SELFMON_MSC_MESSAGE        USING  SELF_MONI_TID     101  SY-REPID  SPACE  SY-REPID.  endif.** end of the main programFORM  GET_NBRUSER.  DATA: BEGIN OF USER_TBL OCCURS 100.          INCLUDE STRUCTURE UINFO.  DATA: END OF USER_TBL.** Function call to determine the users logged on to the local instance  CALL FUNCTION 'TH_USER_LIST'       TABLES            LIST   = USER_TBL       EXCEPTIONS            OTHERS = 1.  DESCRIBE TABLE USER_TBL LINES NUMBER_OF_USERS.ENDFORM.*-----------------------------------------------**-- CREATE_MA_NBRUSER     -----------------------**-----------------------------------------------*FORM CREATE_MA_NBRUSER.* First, get the TID of the parent node R3Services\Dialog* DIALOG_FULLNAME TYPE ALMTNAME_L-ALMTFULLNM VALUE * '\&SY\&INSTANCE_NAME\R3Services\Dialog',   call function 'SALI_MT_GET_TID_BY_NAME'       exporting            MT_FULL_NAME          = DIALOG_FULLNAME       importing            TID                   = MOTID       exceptions            unable_to_expand_name = 1            name_not_found        = 2            communication_failure = 3            other_problem         = 4            others                = 5.* If something is wrong, reports the value to the self-monitoring* single message. Then, exits from the program.  if sy-subrc <> 0.    AN_ERROR_OCCURED = 'X'.* self moni    Send RT 34    PERFORM SEND_SELFMON_MSC_MESSAGE        USING  SELF_MONI_TID     039  DIALOG_FULLNAME  SPACE  SY-REPID.    exit.  endif.* Main call to create a new performance attribute  CALL FUNCTION 'SALI_PERF_CREATE_ATTACH'      EXPORTING           PARENT_TID                     = MOTID*     the parent node           MTE_NAME                       = NUSR_NAME*     the name of the new attribute node 'R3UsersLoggedIn'           MTE_CLASS                      = NUSR_CLASS_NAME           MTE_NUMRANGE                   = AL_NR_AUTO           MTE_SECONDS_TIL_COLLECTINGTOOL = 240*     collecting interval            MTE_SECONDS_UNTIL_SET_INACTIVE = 900           MTE_F1_HELP_TEXT_MSGID         = CCMS_SELFMON_MSGID           MTE_F1_HELP_TEXT_MSGNO         = 068*     describing text           PERF_CUSTOMIZING_GROUP         = NUSR_CLASS_NAME*         PERF_THRESHOLD_DIRECTION       = AL_THRESHDIR_ABOVE           PERF_THRESHOLD_GREEN_TO_YELLOW = 50           PERF_THRESHOLD_YELLOW_TO_RED   = 70           PERF_THRESHOLD_YELLOW_TO_GREEN = 400           PERF_THRESHOLD_RED_TO_YELLOW   = 600           PERF_UNIT_TO_DISPLAY           = SPACE*         PERF_DECIMALS                  = 0*     thresholds*         PERF_ALERT_TEXT_MSGID          = 'RT'          PERF_ALERT_TEXT_MSGNO          = 577*     alert text           TOOL_COLLECTING                = 'CCMS_User_Collect'*     data collection method definition in RZ21*         TOOL_ONALERT                   =*     No auto reaction method           TOOL_ANALYZE                   = 'CCMS_User_Analyse'*     analysis method definition in RZ21      IMPORTING           NEW_TID                        = NUSR_TID      EXCEPTIONS           INVALID_TID                    = 1           UNABLE_TO_EXPAND_NAME          = 2           INVALID_PARAMETERS             = 3           COMMUNICATION_FAILURE          = 4           OTHER_PROBLEM                  = 5           WRONG_SEGMENT                  = 6           INTERNAL_FAILURE_SALS          = 7           OTHERS                         = 8.  if sy-subrc <> 0.    AN_ERROR_OCCURED = 'X'.* self moni    Send RT 31    PERFORM SEND_SELFMON_MSC_MESSAGE        USING  SELF_MONI_TID     031   NUSR_NAME  SPACE  SY-REPID.    exit.  endif.ENDFORM.*&--------------------------------------------------------------------**&      Form  REPORT_NBRUSER*&--------------------------------------------------------------------**       text*---------------------------------------------------------------------**  -->  p1        text*  <--  p2        text*---------------------------------------------------------------------*FORM REPORT_NBRUSER.  DATA: REPORTEDBY(16).  REPORTEDBY = SY-REPID.* Main call to report number of users logged in  call function 'SALI_PERF_REPORT_VALUE'     exporting          TOTAL_OF_REPORTED_VALUES  = NUMBER_OF_USERS*         number_of_reported_values = 1          REPORTEDBY                = REPORTEDBY     changing          TID                       = NUSR_TID     exceptions          invalid_tid               = 1          wrong_typeclass           = 2          invalid_parameters        = 3          communication_failure     = 4          other_problem             = 5          others                    = 6.  if sy-subrc <> 0.* self moni    Send RT 33    PERFORM SEND_SELFMON_MSC_MESSAGE        USING  SELF_MONI_TID     033 NUSR_NAME SPACE SY-REPID.    an_error_occured = 'X'.  endif.ENDFORM.                               " REPORT_NBRUSER

Explanations for Report RSDSUSER

  • This example report creates the new attribute and fills it with data. Attribute creation and data retrieval can also be performed separately.
  • If a data supplier is to create a new node, the following happens:
    1. The data supplier determines the TID of the parent node with:


    2. The data supplier creates a new node with:


      (there are analogous SALI* calls for the other attribute types)

      The TID of the parent node is specified when doing so.

    3. As of this point, you can report values in this node with:


      (there are analogous SALI* calls for the other attribute types)

  • The data supplier is started under the user SAPSYS. This means that the authorization restrictions that apply for SAPSYS also apply to the data supplier (for example, no RFC authorization).
  • A report acts as the data collection method. You can alternatively use a function module. Function modules have the advantage that an internal table with the structure MT_TOOL_INFO can be passed to them. In addition to information about the node to be called, you can also use this structure to pass parameters that can be specified in the method definition of transaction RZ21 (for example, the data collection method CCMS_GEN_TAB_R contains a range of parameters).

    You can also call the function modules SALI_MT_GET_TID_BY_NAME and SALI_PERF_CREATE_ATTACH (or the corresponding call for other attribute types) directly from the coding of your component. In this case, you have created an active data supplier that is not called by the CCMS monitoring infrastructure (and therefore does not appear in the method definitions, or in the assigned methods for the node).

    An active data supplier makes sense, for example, if values are only to be reported if certain conditions are fulfilled on the application server (such as the occurrence of an error).

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