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 Creating Commands with the Command WizardLocate this document in the navigation structure


With the command wizard in the Web Application Designer, you can create commands using a simple step-by-step procedure.


You have created data providers in the Web Application Designer and inserted Web items into the Web template.

Process Flow

To create a command, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the command you wish to generate from your favorites list or from the list of all commands.

    To add commands to your favorites list, select the checkbox next to the respective command in the All Commands view.

    To edit a command from the favorites list or from the pool of commands, select the command and choose Continue or choose the command by double-clicking it.

  2. You determine the command target.

    In this step, you determine whether the command refers to data providers or to a Web item.

  3. You determine the parameter for the command.

    In this step, you assign the required values to the parameters for the command. To accept the default value, leave the entry as it is.

As needed:

  1. You create a command sequence.

    In this step, you insert more commands and determine the sequence of the commands using the arrow keys. To delete or change existing commands, select the command and choose Deleteor Edit.