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Under the commands for data providers, you can find a summary of all commands you can use to change the status of a data provider. You can use these to set filter values, for example, or to change the navigational state of a data provider.


To generate commands for data providers, you must first create a data provider for the Web template.


The following commands are available:

  • Basic Data Provider Commands :
    • Report-Report Interface (RRI)
    • Set Data Provider Parameters (SET_DATA_PROVIDER_PARAMETERS)
    • Set Zero Value Display (SET_ZERO_PRESENTATION)
    • Set Sign Display (SET_SIGN_PRESENTATION)
    • Back to Initial State (BACK_TO_INITIAL_DP_STATE)
    • Back to Previous State (BACK_TO_PREVIOUS_DP_STATE)
    • Translate Currency (SET_CURRENCY_TRANSLATION)
    • Export Data Provider as XML (EXPORT_XML)
  • Data Provider Commands for Axes
    • Set Hierarchical Display of Axis (SET_AXIS_HIERARCHY)
    • Set Position of Results Row (SET_RESULT_ALIGNMENT)
    • Swap Axes (SWAP_AXES)
    • Remove Drilldown (REMOVE_DRILL_DOWN)
    • Drill Down a Characteristic (DRILL_DOWN)
    • Exchange Characteristics/Structures (EXCHANGE)
  • Data Provider Commands for Characteristics
    • Set Display Attributes (SET_ATTRIBUTES)
    • Set Presentation (SET_PRESENTATION)
    • Set Display of Results Row (SET_RESULT_VISIBILITY)
    • Set Sorting (SET_SORTING)
  • Data Provider Commands for Conditions/Exceptions
    • Set Condition (SET_CONDITION)
    • Set Status of a Condition (SET_CONDITION_STATE)
    • Set Exception (SET_EXCEPTION)
    • Set Status of an Exception (SET_EXCEPTION_STATE)
    • Call Conditions Dialog (OPEN_CONDITIONS_DIALOG)
    • Call Exceptions Dialog (OPEN_EXCEPTIONS_DIALOG)
  • Data Provider Commands for Data Cells
    • Set Data Cell Properties (SET_DATA_CELL_PROPERTIES)
    • Set Local Calculations (SET_LIST_CALCULATION)
  • Data Provider Commands for Filter Values
    • Remove All Filter Values (CLEAR_ALL_SELECTION_STATES)
    • Call Input Help Dialog (OPEN_SELECTOR_DIALOG)
    • Set Filter Value for a Characteristic (SET_SELECTION_STATE_SIMPLE)
    • Set Filter Values (SET_SELECTION_STATE)
    • Remove Filter Values for a Characteristic (CLEAR_SELECTION_STATE)
    • Remove Filter Values for a List of Characteristics (CLEAR_SELECTION_STATES)
    • Set Filter Values Using Different Sources (SET_SELECTION_STATE_BY_BINDING)
    • Set Filter Values Using Filter (SET_SELECTION_STATE_BY_FILTER)
  • Data Provider Commands for Hierarchies
    • Expand/Collapse Hierarchy Nodes (SET_DRILL_STATE)
    • Set Hierarchy (SET_HIERARCHY)
    • Set Node Alignment (SET_NODE_ALIGNMENT)
  • Data Provider Commands for Open/Save Functions
    • Call Open Dialog (LOAD)
    • Call Save Dialog (SAVE_AS)
    • Save Query View (SAVE_VIEW)
  • Data Provider Commands for Documents
    • Open Document Browser (OPEN_DIALOG_DLG_DOC_BROWSER)
    • Open Dialog for New Document (OPEN_DIALOG_DLG_NEW_DOCUMENT)