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You execute the following tasks to prepare for the execution of SAP NetWeaver BW processes:


Further Information

Scheduling and managing processes

Process chains control and automate a range of processes in SAP NetWeaver BW. This includes load processes, processes for further processing, processes for InfoProvider administration, and delete and adjustment processes. For more information, see Application Process.

In this task, you can schedule and manage process chains.

See also: Process Chain Maintenance.

Setting up authorizations

Standard authorizations are required by users who use the Data Warehousing Workbench, the Business Explorer, the Planning Workbench, the Data Mining Workbench, or the Analysis Process Designer.

Analysis authorizations are required for all users who want to display transaction data from authorization-relevant characteristics or navigation attributes in a query.

You can assign users the authorizations they require for their tasks.

See also: Setting Up Standard Authorizationsand Management of Analysis Authorizations

Setting up consistency checks for BW metadata and BW data

In the analysis and repair environment, you can perform consistency checks on the data and metadata stored in a BW system.

In this task, you can specify and schedule the test packages for the consistency checks.

See also: Analysis and Repair Environment

Editing and managing documents

In this task, you can create or edit documents for BW objects, and schedule indexing for documents.

See also: Managing Documents in BW

Managing the BW metadata search

In this task, you can schedule and check indexing of metadata for the BW metadata search.

See also: Managing Documents in BW