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Optimizing the Landscape Using the Reorg Function in the TREX Admin ToolLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use the reorganization function in the TREX admin tool (see Landscape → Reorg) to automatically redistribute and optimize your TREX system landscape. This function redistributes the TREX indexes on the master hosts and removes backup and slave hosts that are no longer required.


For details about using the Reorg functions in the TREX admin tool, seeReorganization of the TREX System Landscape.


  1. Check the roles of the servers in the TREX admin tool at Landscape → Configuration. If necessary, correct the roles and the choose Deploy.
  2. Switch to Landscape → Reorg:

The system automatically calculates a new, optimized distribution of your TREX system landscape according to the newly-defined roles. The new distribution of the servers is then displayed at Landscape → Reorg → Plan and at Landscape → Reorg → Usage By Service.

  1. Start the reorganization of the landscape by choosing Start Reorg in Landscape → Reorg → Summary.

The progress of the reorganization is displayed at Landscape → Reorg → Plan.


The TREX system landscape has been reorganized and optimized according to your settings.