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Configuring TREXNet for Secure CommunicationLocate this document in the navigation structure


You configure the TREX servers for secure communication with each other (using TREXNet) by configuring the sapprofile.ini INI file.


  1. Open the usr/sap/<SAPSID>/TRX<instance_number>\<TREX_directory>\sapprofile.ini configuration file on the TREX Web server with a text editor.
  2. In the # secure communicationsection, set the TREX/Net/Secure= parameter to yes (default: No)
  3. In the same section, enter the name of the keystore for the TREX/Net/ListenCredential= parameter.

    You can specify the SAPSSLS.psekeystore here. This contains the certificates for communication between theTREX preprocessor and the Web server. However, you can also leave the entry for the TREX/Net/ListenCredential= parameter empty, since the SAPSSLS.pse keystore is used by default.


    # secure communication



  4. Restart TREX so that the changes to the configuration file sapprofile.ini are accepted by TREX.
  5. Windows only: Restart the IIS (Internet Information Server).


You have configured secure communication between the TREX servers using TREXNet.