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TREX processes search requests, index creation requests, and so on using different services. Activity tracing must therefore be enabled for each individual service.


This function is available only if you are using the Log Viewer of the SAP Web Application Server Java.

The following TREX configuration files need to be modified:

  • TREXIndexServer.ini
  • TREXNameServer.ini
  • TREXPreprocessor.ini
  • TREXQueueServer.ini
  • TREXWebServer.ini


  1. Open the TREX configuration files and check for the relevant entries.

    You can find the configuration files at <TREX_DIR>\<trex_host_name>.

    The configuration files must contain the sections below so that TREX can write activity traces. If they do not yet exist, you have to create them:


    record = on

    satracer = Jarmlike


    file = <sat_file>

  2. Create the following empty TREX trace files:
    • TrexIndexServer.sat
    • TrexQueueServer.sat
    • TREXPreprocessor.sat
    • TREXNameServer.sat
    • Webserver.sat
  3. Replace <sat_file> in the TREX configuration files with the destination file for the trace information. The section <sat_file> specifies the path of the activity trace that the TREX server in question writes.

    Use a path relative to <TREX_DIR>, such as:

    • trace/TrexIndexServer.sat
    • trace/TrexQueueServer.sat
    • trace/TREXPreprocessor.sat
    • trace/TREXNameServer.sat
    • trace/Webserver.sat
  4. Install a log viewer server on every TREX host and register the TREX trace files as described in the documentation for the log viewer.
  5. Activate activity tracing for the user whose actions you want to trace by choosing System Administration → Monitoring → Portal → Activity Tracing.


You can analyze the activity trace if the user has carried out an action. Firstly, you have to register the TREX activity traces with the log viewer server.

Once you have registered the TREX activity traces, you can display them in the log viewer.


In order for the TREX trace files (*.sat) to be displayed in the log viewer, you must display the SATTrace/PerfFormatterformat in the log viewer. If you choose any other format, the trace file can not be displayed.

To view the trace files, go to LogViewer → add a file and navigate to the trace folder. Select the trace file. The system then displays the chosen trace file.