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You can use the monitoring functions of CCMS (ComputingCenterManagement System) to monitor Search and Classification (TREX). This documentation describes how to configure and use the monitoring functions.

After the TREX installation, all files and directories that you require for the correct operation of CCMS and GRMG are available on your host: The SAPCCMSR CCMS agent and the DSRLIB library (name extensions depend on the platform). These files are located in the <TREX_DIR>/exe directory.


TheTREX admin tool (standalone) also provides a monitoring function for monitoring processes, errors, and alerts. The TREX alert server regularly checks central TREX functions and can notify you by e-mail of the system status in the event of an error or incorrect configuration. This information is also visible via CCMS.


You have configured CCMS monitoring for TREX by performing the following steps:


The following monitoring functions are available:

Naming Conventions


Installation directory for TREX.

The path to the directory is:

  • On UNIX: /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/TRX<instance_number>
  • On Windows <disk_drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\ TRX<instance_number>


Global file system for your TREX installation:

  • On UNIX:



    For example:


  • On Windows:

    <SAPGLOBALHOST>\sapmnt\<SAPSID>\ SYS\profile

    For example, <drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\ SYS\profile


Instance profile for a TREX instance

The instance profile contains specific information about the runtime environment for a TREX instance.


Start profile for a TREX instance

Specifies the TREX instance number and the host name on which the TREX instance runs.

Path specifications

The forward slash (/) is usually used in path specifications such as <TREX_GLOBAL>/START_TRX<instance_number>_<host>.