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Increasing the Number of PreprocessorsLocate this document in the navigation structure


If necessary, you can increase the number of preprocessors running on a host. SeeNumber of Preprocessors and Preprocessor Threads for information on when this is recommended.


  1. Start the TREX admin tool on any host in the distributed system.
  2. Go to the Landscape Configuration window.
  3. Select the host in question and choose Edit Services.
  4. Add an entry for the new preprocessor to the programs parameter.


    programs = ..., preprocessor<new_number>

  5. Make sure that there is a section with the same name (preprocessor<new_number>) containing the start parameter for the preprocessor. If there is no such section, copy an existing section and rename it as follows:


    Windows: executable=TREXPreprocessor.exe

    UNIX: executable=TREXPreprocessor.x

    . . .

  6. Go to the Landscape Services window.
  7. Select any TREX server running on the host in question. Choose Start New/Stop Removed Services@<host_name>(*) from the context menu.
  8. Modify the pool size of all master and backup queue servers.

    For information on calculating the pool size, seePreprocessor Threads and Queue Server Pool Size. For information on the procedure, see the section Configuring Master and Backup Hosts inSetting Up Distributed Preprocessing.