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TREX provides the following administration tools:

  • TREX Monitor in the portal

    You use this tool if you are implementing the Knowledge Management functions in the portal.

    You can use this tool to administrate queues, display important index parameters, empty search and classification caches, and check the availability of the TREX servers.

  • TREX Admin Tool in the SAP System

    You use this tool if TREX is connected to an SAP system.

    You can use this tool to administrate the queues, monitor TREX, and display information about the components in a TREX system.

  • TREX Admin Tool (Stand-Alone)

    You can use this tool independent of a portal or an SAP system.

    The TREX admin tool provides all functions for configuring and monitoring TREX. You can use this tool to configure a distributed TREX system, to configure the RFC connections, to administrate delta indexes, and to trigger performance traces. In addition, this tool provides detailed technical information about the components of a TREX system. Using periodically executed checks, it can monitor the system status automatically. In the event of errors, you are informed by e-mail, so that you can take appropriate action.