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 Purchasing Info Record Category

Technical name: 0INFO_TYPE


A purchasing info record serves as a source of information for Purchasing. It contains data on a certain material supplied by a certain vendor.

A purchasing info record contains data such as the following:

  • The current prices and conditions for the responsible purchasing organization or plant

  • The number of the last purchase order

  • The vendor’s planned delivery time for the material

  • The vendor sub-range to which the material belongs

Info records can be classified according to the following procurement types:

  • Standard

A standard info record contains information for standard purchase orders. The info records can be created for materials and services with and without master records.

  • Subcontracting

A subcontracting info record contains ordering information pertaining to subcontract orders. If, for example, you contract out the assembly of a component to an outside source, the subcontracting info record would contain the vendor’s price for this assembly work.

  • Pipeline

A pipeline info record contains information pertaining to a material supplied by a vendor via a pipeline (e.g. oil), a pipe (e.g. water), or similar (e.g. electricity from the mains). The info record contains the vendor’s price for supplying the relevant commodity in this way.

  • Consignment

A consignment info record contains information on a material of which the vendor maintains stocks at his own expense at the buying entity’s site. The info record contains the vendor’s price for withdrawals of the relevant commodity by the buying entity from consignment stock.

An info record can apply to a purchasing organization or a plant.

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