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When you edit a chart, you use the Chart Designer to view and edit the preview of the chart.

Structure of the Chart Designer

The window of the Chart Designer is structured as follows:

  • The chart preview shows an example chart that displays the values and properties that you set.

    New charts have five data series and six categories by default, regardless of how the data provider is structured.


    The preview does not correspond to the results after publishing. The data series and data categories are only sample data used to show you what the effects of formatting are. You see the actual data only after it has been published.

  • The list of elements contains all elements of a chart. These elements are partially ordered in logical groups.

    You can expand these groups by clicking on the plus sign in front of the group name. You click on the minus sign to collapse the group again.

    Below the list of elements is a short description of the element that is currently selected.

  • You define the properties for an element in the property area. This area displays the properties of the element currently selected in the overview of elements.

    Depending on the element, you can select a value from proposed values or enter your own value (for example, a color).

    Below the property area is a short description of the property that is currently selected.

  • The lower area of the Chart Designer contains pushbuttons that you can use to:
    • Save changes and finish editing the chart.
    • Finish editing the chart without saving.
    • Call up and navigate in the wizard.
    • Call up help.

Changing the Size of Areas

You can modify the size of areas in the Chart Designer according to your requirements. For example, you may want to increase the size of the property area so that you can display all properties at once.

  1. To do so, position the cursor at the intersection of two areas until the cursor changes into two parallel lines.
  2. Click and pull the area to the required size.

Closing the Chart Designer

When you have finished editing a chart, or want to terminate editing, close the Chart Designer and return to the Web Application Designer.

You can close the Chart Designer in the following ways:

  • Choose Complete.

    Your changes to the chart are saved and the chart designer is closed.

  • Choose Terminate.

    Your changes since you last saved are not retained. The Chart Designer is closed.


    You can also close the Chart Designer window using the window title bar. The message dialog box that appears allows you to save or discard your changes.