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SAP NetWeaver Portal acts as a gateway to enterprise information systems and provides connectivity to SAP and non-SAP back-end systems. Using mobile Web browsers, you can access the portal from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This capability is referred to as portal on device.

Portal on device provides the following capabilities:

  • Content administration - the ability to configure different content for different devices

  • System administration - the ability to configure which portal desktop to display according to the device being used to access the portal

  • Dedicated framework pages for use on smartphone devices and tablet devices

To use portal on device, you need to create portal content that has been designed for mobile users and has been tailored for display on mobile devices. This includes using a UI technology that is supported by mobile devices, adjusting the application form factor, and tailoring the application complexity. You can either adapt existing portal content, or develop new content. Note, however, that traditional SAP UI technologies (such as Web Dynpro and Business Server Page (BSP)) do not support running on mobile devices.

After creating the content for portal on device, you need to tag this content so that it is filtered for display on mobile devices only.


Portal on device documentation assumes familiarity with administration concepts and administration tasks of SAP NetWeaver Portal.

The following topics are described: