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Problem Description

This problem analysis scenario describes the approach in order to investigate and resolve configuration errors of the Adobe document services. It focuses on the following topic:

  • Installation and configuration of the ReaderRights credential

    An error that is related to the installation or configuration of the ReaderRights credential leads to the following message within the Java Web Dynpro environment:

  • Error during call to AdobeDocumentServer , WDRuntimeException

    More detailed information is simultaneously written to the Java Web Dynpro log file with a complete error stack trace.

    Scenario Type:

    Error analysis

    SAP NetWeaver Component:

    SAP NetWeaver AS, Adobe document services


    SAP NetWeaver 7.1

Decision Roadmap


  • You need to have access to the AS Java that hosts the Adobe Document Services (remote desktop connection)
  • In order to change configuration settings you need the appropriate user rights.

Main Tools

SAP NetWeaver Administrator


Check credential

Check the existence of the ReaderRights credential file in the folder


Check password registration

Start the SAP NetWeaver Administrator and choose Configuration Management → Infrastructure Management → Adobe Document Services and check for the existence of an entry under Credentials with the Alias ReaderRights.

More information: Configuring Credential Attributes in the Adobe Document Serivces Configuration Guide.