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Alert Monitoring Tree

The monitoring tree is the component hierarchy displayed by the Alert Monitor. If problems occur in your system, they are displayed as alerts in the monitoring tree. The system displays a schematic representation of the monitoring tree:

To give a better overview, alerts are assigned certain colors - yellow for a warning and red for a problem - and a numerical value for the severity of the error. The alert with the highest severity appears at the top of the monitor that displays the monitored IT components (such as the CPU of a server) including their attributes (such as CPU usage) in a tree structure. In accordance with this, a node of the tree structure displays the most severe alert of the whole branch below it. If a node is not displaying an alert, there is no error in the whole branch below it. The system administrator can choose between different Views of the Alert Monitor, and display the current or open (that is, those that have not been analyzed) problem messages.

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