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You can manage your SAP MaxDB database system and obtain information on its status from the database administration using SAP Computing Center Management System (CCMS) (part of the Solution Life Cycle Management).


All documentation about managing an SAP system (and the SAP MaxDB database) using SAP CCMS is only relevant for SAP customers. You will find the entire CCMS documentation in the SAP Help Portal under The SAP MaxDB-specific CCMS documentation is available as described in SAP Note 767598 Information published on SAP site.


The documentation for the SAP MaxDB database system also generally applies to SAP liveCache technology. If there are functional differences, these are explained.

  • Information about required and recommended activities for database administration: Database Administration: Overview of Activities.

  • For you to be able to use the database administration functions (DBA functions) of the CCMS, a number of prerequisites┬ámust be fulfilled.

  • The most important DBA functions of the CCMS for various monitoring and administration tasks in your database system are available in the DBA Cockpit.

  • You can call many DBA functions through the user menu.

  • You can use the DBA Planning Calendar to schedule and start data and log backups, and monitoring and analysis tasks.

  • In the DBA Action Logs display, you can check the status of your data and log backups, and other database administration actions (DBA actions), and display the logs of these actions.

  • Among many other displays, the CCMS monitoring also includes the database alert monitor, which displays critical information memory, security, and performance as alerts.

  • In the DB Filling/Tables and Indexes display, you can see information on the database fill level and the tables and indexes in the database.

  • You can use Data Archiving: Database Tables to display relationships between tables and archiving objects and to display statistical information for each table.

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