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When system tables are updated, a log is written. You will find this log of the system tables upgrade in the Messages user menu of the DBA Cockpit.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction code DBACOCKPIT) and choose Start of the navigation path Diagnosis Next navigation step Messages Next navigation step System Tables Upgrade End of the navigation path.


For SAP NetWeaver 7.1, the log is displayed in the System Tables Upgrade user menu.


The system displays the log of the last update of the system tables.

  • You can use the navigation help ( Start of File, End of File) for orientation within the log.

  • Choose Import Fileto update the output.

More Information

You can use SYSINFO Views to display a list of the SYSINFO system tables and their descriptions.

Database Studio, Updating System Tables

SQL Reference Manual, Definitions of System Tables, Evaluating System Tables (Examples)