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Configuring Easy QueriesLocate this document in the navigation structure

To be able to use easy queries, you have to check certain settings in the system and/or make a number of changes.


Check Authorizations

Check the required authorizations. Users who want to generate easy queries require the following authorizations.

  • Role S_RS_RDEMO contains all authorization objects for the BW system.

  • Role SAP_BC_SIW_DEV needs to have activity 06 for authorization object S_SIW_CFG added to it. The Service Integration Workbench (SIW) is needed for generation of the ABAP components in the easy query.

  • You still need an SOA role for service configuration with SOA Manager (such as SAP_BC_WEBSERVICE_DEBUGGER, SAP_BC_WEBSERVICE_ADMIN_TEC or SAP_BC_WEBSERVICE_ADMIN_BIZ). For more information, see the documentation for SOA Manager under Roles and Authorizations.

BEx Query Designer Installation

BEx Query Designer must have revision level 671 or higher. In revision levels below this, you cannot select the By Easy Query option under the Advanced tab page in the query properties.

Check Configuration of the Service Implementation Workbench (SIW)

Call table maintenance (transaction SM31).

  1. Display the VSIW_LANDSCAPE view: landscape ID = LOCAL_WO_ESR. No RFC destination is required.

  2. Display the VSIW_CONFIG view. The following configuration entries are required:

    Configuration entry

    User entry

    Configuration ID



    Configuration for easy queries

    Config. build class


    Landscape ID


Make the SOAP Settings

A standard profile must be configured in the SOA manager before the easy query can create the SOAP service with configuration profile. For more information, see the documentation about SOA Manager under Working with SOA Manager.


If the standard profile cannot be found, the system creates the SOAP service without configuration. You will not be able to use the SOAP service until you have retrieved the configuration however.

Make the Settings for Background Processing

  1. Call background processing configuration (transaction SBGRFCCONF).

  2. Choose the Maintain Supervisor Destination tab. Create a supervisor destination with an approrpriate user name.

  3. Go to the Maintain Inbound Destination tab. Create a destination called QD_EQ_LOCAL with queue prefix EQQD_.

Make the Settings for Easy Query Manager
  • Make sure that the system has been set up to allow use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).
  • Check in the service maintenance transaction (SICF) whether the required settings have been made for ICF service WDA_EQ_manager, and make sure that Web Dynpro is active. You can find this service in the service maintenance transaction, under Start of the navigation path sap Next navigation step bc Next navigation step webdynpro Next navigation step sap Next navigation step wda_eq_manager End of the navigation path.