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Configuring Communication Channel for a Sender IDoc Adapter (AAE)Locate this document in the navigation structure


  • You have set the adapter-specific properties to allow the IDoc adapter to recognize the sender business system.

    More information: Configuring the Adapter-Specific Properties

  • You have created an RFC destination for the sender business system using the NWA. For example: XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION_SID

    More information: Maintaining RFC Destinations

  • If you want to configure the communication channel in NWA mode you must configure a JCA connection factory on the outboundRA resource adapter so that an ALEAUD can be sent to the R3 system. If you want the communication channel in the NWA mode to receive IDoc from R3 system you must clone a resource adapter from

    For more information about cloning resource adapters, refer to the section "Cloning Resource Adapters" in the link : Managing Resource Adapters


  1. Choose Create Object .
  2. Choose Communication Channel .
  3. In the Communication Component field, enter the name of the sender system that you want to use.
  4. In the Communication Channel field, enter a name of the sender communication channel.
  5. In the Edit Communication Channel screen, choose the Parameters tab and enter the following details:
    1. In the Adapter Type field, enter the Java IDoc type. The Java IDoc adapter has the following properties:

      • Adapter Type: IDoc_AAE

      • Namespace:

      • Software Component Version: SAP BASIS 7.30

    2. Choose the Sender radio button to indicate the type of communication channel.

    3. In the Transport Protocol enter tRFC .

    4. In the Message Protocol field, enter Idoc XML . By default, the Java IDoc adapter uses tRFC transfer protocol and IDoc XML message protocol.

    5. In the Adapter Engine field, choose the advanced adapter engine which you want to use for Java IDoc processing.

  6. On the RFC Parameters tab, proceed as follows:
    • In the RFC Server Parameters field, select Default (Recommended) and proceed with the following options:

      1. In the Ack Destination field, enter the RFC destination of the sender business system.

        For example: RFC_DESTINATION

    • In the RFC Service Parameters field, select Manual and proceed with the following options:

      1. In the Program ID field, enter the program ID, which you used when you created the RFC destination on the sender business system.

        More information: Creating RFC Destinations on the Sender System for Processing Java IDocs

      2. In the SAP Client field, enter the client number of the sender business system.

      3. In the User Name and Password fields, enter user name and password in the provided fields to connect to the sender business system.

      4. In the Language field, enter the ISO code of the language you want to use.

      5. In the Server Name field, enter the host name of the sender business system.

      6. In the System Number field, enter the port of the sender system.

    • Alternatively, you can reuse the configuration that is set in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA). In the RFC Server Parameters field, select From NWA and proceed with the following options:

      1. In the Resource Adapter Name field, enter the resource adapter that you created while configuring the inboundRA.

        More information: Configuring Resource Adapters and JCA Connection Factories in NWA

  7. If you want to create a single XI message irrespective of the number of incoming idoc package that contains one or more idocs, select the Multiple IDocs in single XI message check box.
  8. On the Ack Settings tab, enter the corresponding settings.
  9. Save the communication channel.