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Delta indexes speed up updates of the master indexes. Index replication transfers changes made on master indexes to slave indexes.

Delta indexes and index replication are deactivated by default. The best time for activating them depends on which of the following scenarios you have:

Scenario Procedure

Initial indexing of large data sets (more than 100,000 documents)

  1. Create indexes and carry out the initial indexing of the data.

    During this phase, the system only carries out indexing. It does not replicate data.

  2. Activate the delta indexes.
  3. Trigger the first index replication manually.
  4. Configure regular index replication.

No initial indexing of large data sets

  1. Create indexes.
  2. Configure regular index replication.
  3. Monitor the size of the master indexes during routine operation. Activate the delta indexes when a master index reaches a certain size.

The sections below contain background information on delta indexes and index replication, and describe the configuration required.