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Working with Stored ProceduresLocate this document in the navigation structure


Visual Composer can import third-party JDBC-based stored procedures for use as sources of data in your model.

You add a JDBC-based stored procedure to the model as you do any other data service. For more information, see Discovering Data Services


You have set up and configured the JDBC system to work with Visual Composer. For more information, see Creating JDBC System Destinations .


To define a JDBC system with Visual Composer for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, see Creating a JDBC Connection Profile .


With JDBC, the output of stored procedures is dynamic. Therefore, the output table fields are not listed automatically in the Configure task panel. The following procedure enables you to determine the contents of the output table.

  1. Right-click the data service and choose Test Data Service from the context menu. The Test Data Service dialog box is displayed for the stored procedure.

  2. Execute a test and display the field output from the stored procedure.

  3. Click the Add Fields button at the bottom. The fields listed are assigned to the displayed output ports, overwriting any other fields that might have been assigned to those ports.


To check the new output, right-click the output element (such as a table) and choose Define Data from the context menu. The fields assigned previously are displayed.